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If you are thinking about adoption, know that adoption can be one of the most loving decisions you’ll make for your child.

It takes a great deal of love and maturity to know that raising a child can be difficult and that love is not enough to provide what a child needs to thrive and grow.

Even with the help of family and friends, parenting can be overwhelming for many men and women. Often, family and friends are there at the beginning, then when times get more difficult, you are on your own.

Whatever your decision is, you are ultimately going to be the primary caregiver and the person that will need to take care of your child. This can be a sacrifice for many years to come. Some women are ready for this commitment, and many women realize the time is not right for them to parent and that adoption is the most sensible and most important decision they will make for their child and their future. If you consider adoption the best decision for you and your child, we are here to help you through the process.


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“My wife and I had just split up when we found out she was pregnant. We had a plan for sharing our kids, but to be honest, one more baby wasn’t going to fix our relationship. She didn’t want to consider adoption but we both agreed that this was the best thing for all of us, including our children.”

-Demetrious L, New York, NY September 24, 2019