I understand, you never planned an unplanned pregnancy or for things to turn out this way, but here you are now, facing an important decision, hopefully together, about what you will do about an unplanned pregnancy. This is a life-changing decision and you have an important role to play as the birth father. There is hope.

There are many different things you must consider when deciding on adoption for your baby. You can request information about adoption and your rights by calling or texting 800-923-6784. You’ll find deciding on the future for your child can be one of the hardest decisions as well as heart-wrenching things you will have to do in your life.

With an unplanned pregnancy you have lots of decisions and the choice of adoption is an important one and one you shouldn’t take lightly. It can help you grow and can bring out the best in you too. Hopefully these questions will help give you the information you need and help you decide what’s best when considering adoption or parenting for your baby. Many birth fathers share how it was the best decision they ever made and they can still get updates and remain in their child’s life. The best of both worlds.

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