More often birth parents find themselves pregnant when they are at a younger age. They want to be a parent sometime later in life but this pregnancy was an unplanned pregnancy and right now is not the right time to start being a parent for them. Parenting a child requires a great deal of time, a lot of effort and planning and can delay or prevent future goals from happening that you might have, including college, job advancement or moving.

While there is some assistance available, many dads find they struggle with a balance between work, being a new dad and trying to achieve their personal goals. It is difficult to do. One father gave up his football scholarship and resented it. His family never let him forget it. He shared that he wanted more for his son and himself and it was too late. He found a local job but always thinks about what could have been for both of them.

Deciding your future and your child’s future is a big decision. Coming to the decision of adoption for your child is going to take a lot of manpower. There are other birth fathers you can talk to that will share their story.

You’ll want to take the time and carefully consider your options. If the mother has already decided on adoption, you can still be part of the adoption plan and contribute family history and medical background.

Who do you turn to when in crisis? Getting good advice is essential and speaking to an adoption counselor can help. You can get free confidential counseling from Lifetime Adoption.

The questions you ask and the answers you get are going to help you make a good decision. Remember, asking the questions doesn’t make you a bad person and doesn’t prevent your right to decide to parent should you choose to. Knowing your options in advance and being honest with yourself is key. Know your strengths and limitations when considering adoption for your baby. It is vital and will help you make the very best decision for you.

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