Birth Father questions find answers to adoption questionsIs She Cut Out to be a Mom? Are You Ready to be a Dad?

You both have options, so find the answers to your questions and then make the decision that is best for you, your situation, and your baby. There are questions you should be asking yourself before you make any decisions, ask yourself:

  • Is this woman someone I want to be connected to the rest of my life?
  • Is she able to be a good mother to your son or daughter?
  • Are you in a place in your life that you can or want to be responsible for two other people?
  • Do you have a job? Can you find one?
  • find answers to birth father adoption questionsDo either of you have other kids? What type of mother is she to those kids?
  • Are you putting your future at risk by parenting this child?
  • Would you want your daughter to grow up to be like her? Or you son to be involved with someone like this woman?

It can be difficult to step back and really think about how this woman will be as a mother to your child. If you find that this is not someone that you feel would be a good person in your child’s life you have options. Maybe it is time to think about open adoption and what doors you might be opening for your child.