Yes, you have a right to be part of the adoption planning. It’s good when a guy starts thinking like a grown man. With that being said, a guy needs to take responsibility as a father and allow his child to have a future he can be proud of. Not one of poverty but of opportunities and an education. Some birth fathers would just rather let the chips fall where they may instead of just being honest with everybody and man up. It takes a lot of testosterone, but you will feel better about yourself than you do now with all this going on in your head.

You aren’t a bad guy. The timing of this pregnancy is bad. You can make it right, learn what you do about adoption. Become aware of the steps and type of options you have. It will empower you and you will be proud of yourself for stepping up.

Even though you are not together, you can get to know the adoptive parents and receive your own updates. You can be as involved as you choose to be. In some cases, the birth father has more of an ongoing relationship than the birth mother!

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