A Letter from Scott & Ericka

We are so happy our profile has found its way to you! We are Scott and Ericka. We live in Rhode Island with our three sons Kingsley, Bryson, and Wilder. We are excited to welcome your child into our family and share with them our love for travel, everyday adventures, and experience new and exciting things together! We have always wanted to adopt and are honored you would consider us for your child. We look forward to speaking with you!

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About Our Life Together

We have been married for  9 years and have a strong marriage and friendship.  We both consider ourselves to be funny people and try to not take life too seriously. We use humor and faith to get through the hard stuff and always focus on being grateful for our blessings! We value family, being present in the moment, and living our lives with compassion and generosity. We love to travel and see new places and things. Whether it be exploring underground caves in Texas, wandering a street fair in New York City or tubing in New Hampshire, we love to do it all. We also enjoy spending time at home. We regularly enjoy meals together as a family, going to local restaurants, and watch movies as a family in our home theater. We look forward to sharing all of our adventures with your child and are excited to see their excitement and joy as they experience life.

About Scott from Ericka

Scott is one of those people that everyone instantly loves. He is funny, kind, incredibly generous and a wonderful father and husband. He’s one to help others and never wants a thing in return. He works hard every day and still comes home excited to read Bryson a story, answer Kingsley’s endless list of questions, and play a mean game of “BOO!” with Wilder. Scott enjoys playing sports, games and having long conversations with our boys to teach them some of his wisdom. In his free time, Scott enjoys collecting baseball cards and sports memorabilia. He is excited to share his love of sports and vast knowledge with our next child!

About Ericka from Scott

Ericka is a Stay-at-home Mom to our three boys and loves every minute of it. She is loyal, kind, resilient and has always wanted to be a mother! She is very hands-on and loves the daily tasks of caring and raising our children, driving them to school, helping them with homework, watching them in their after school activities and getting involved in the things the boys like. Ericka loves animals and enjoys doing anything creative including DIY projects and repurposing/refinishing furniture. She loves sharing her passion for animals with the boys and I know she is excited to share it with our next child as well!


About Our Home in Rhode Island

We moved into our custom home last year and have three dogs and a bird. We have a large open kitchen attached to a family room, a big dining room where we host Thanksgiving every year, and the kids all have their own rooms. We have a basement playroom just outside our home theater and our big backyard will be finished this spring with a play structure and pool. We built our home to be family-friendly and kid-welcoming! We live near our children’s school and there are a lot of kid-friendly activities in our area. Playgrounds are everywhere, parks, zoos, trampoline parks, arcades, the ocean, and museums are all nearby so there is never a shortage of things to do!


About Our Family

We have three amazing boys.
Kingsley is 10 and loves video games, practicing Brazilian Jui Jitsu and has a desire to know everything. He is generous, thoughtful, confident and a little shy. Bryson is 6, he is silly, sweet and funny. He’s often found playing with Wilder because he loves being a big brother. Wilder is almost two. He loves playing outside and with his big brothers and dogs. He’s laid back and loves people. Our boys are so excited to teach their new sibling all about the things they love, to hold them and make them laugh and smile.

Scott’s parents live with us in an in-law apartment and it is wonderful to have them so close. It’s great to have the extra support and the kids love it. Ericka’s parents, brother, and sister all live out of state yet visit often. It’s not uncommon for family to visit us a few weekends a month. We all love getting together for our yearly family vacation! They are so excited about welcoming your child into the family and all are looking forward to surrounding them with love.

Our Promise

Our promise is for your child, you and your family.  We will always give all of ourselves to your child. They will be loved by us as well as by our family and friends. They will be given every opportunity to grow into the person they want to be and will be supported and encouraged when life gives them challenges.  They will be raised to be proud of their story and who they are. We will ensure that they know they belong and that they are so so so loved, by us all!

We promise to always be thoughtful of you and to never take for granted the privilege and honor of raising and loving your child.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Scott & Ericka

  Scott Ericka
Our EducationMedical DoctorBachelors Degree
Our ProfessionsPrimary Care PhysicianStay-At-Home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Scott & Ericka's Favorites
Favorite ColorRedBlue
Favorite FoodPizzaCheese
Favorite HolidayChristmasChristmas
Favorite VacationDisneyDisney
Favorite Quote“Good is not good when better is expected.”“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”
MovieCharlie and The Chocolate FactoryBig Fish
Favorite Thing About One AnotherHow giving of herself she is and how she always puts the needs of her family above that of her ownHow funny he is and how he can always make me smile
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both love traveling and do it often as a family.
Scott collects baseball cards and sports memorabilia. We attend the National Sports Card Collectors Convention yearly as a family.
Ericka’s likes doing anything creative. She loves DIY projects and repurposing/refinishing furniture.

Our Faith

We are a Catholic family and attend church regularly. Our oldest is enrolled in the religious education program at our church and our middle son will begin next year. We try to live our lives as our faith teaches and guides our children to do the same.

Our Musical Interest

Ericka took piano in college and loves music. She’s enjoys listening to anything other than country but tends to be drawn to more of the indie/folk/rock genre.
Scott enjoys listening to the music of his younger years. He’s often seen tormenting his family with bad 80’s music, but he also enjoys listening to anything from female pop singers to 90’s hip hop.

Our Home

We recently moved into our dream home that we built. It’s centered around the kids and making sure all spaces are kid-friendly spaces. We have 5 bedrooms, a playroom, a family room, a home theater, and a big backyard. Our lower level was built as a in-law suite where Scott’s parents live. The kids love being able to run downstairs and hang out with their grandparents whenever they want!

Our Children

We have three awesome boys. Kingsley is 9 and in the 4th grade. He’s a very curious and smart kid with a very generous heart. He is currently into Brazilian Jui Jitsu and of course, Fortnite. Bryson is 6 and in Kindergarten. He loves school and friends. He’s very sweet and loving. Bryson also does Brazilian Jui Jitsu with his big brother but in addition, is currently trying soccer for the first time. Wilder is one and a very laid back, happy guy. He loves laughing with his brothers and getting kisses from the dogs

We live in the state of...

Rhode Island.

Our Neighborhood

We live in an upper-class neighborhood that is primary families. There are lots of kids that go to the same school as our children. It is very quiet and safe and a great place to raise a family.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months




Any gender

Ethnicity of ChildAny ethnicity!
Future Contact with Birth Family

We’d love to have a relationship with you and are open to sharing letters, pictures, emails, and visits.

In Closing

Thanks for reading about us! We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and share our love with your child. We look forward to building our relationship with you and learning about your own hopes and dreams for the future. We hope to speak with you soon.

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