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A Letter from Mason & Stacey

Hi! We’re fun-loving, hard-working people who cherish our friends and family. Some of our happiest days are spent with our nieces and nephews. We’ve loved being a part of their lives and each moment with the children in our extended family makes us look forward to becoming parents ourselves. After years of trying fertility treatments without success our dream to raise a child stayed strong. We both feel adoption is the path that’s meant to be for us to grow our family.

Our people are important to us, and if you’d like to keep in touch with us after the adoption, we welcome a relationship with you! We hope to get to know you, answer any questions, and find out what you want for your child’s future.

Our Story

We were introduced on a blind date by mutual friends. Now we’ve been married about 7 years! We value faith and family most of all and try to find the fun in almost anything we do.

Our jobs offer flexibility, so we’ll always be available for family time and our child’s events or activities as they grow up. We hope to pass down our family’s love for traveling, hunting, fishing, and sporting events, and make new traditions as we celebrate birthdays and holidays together.

Together we enjoy:
• Summers on our pontoon boat
• Grilling around the pool with friends
• Game night (we love Jenga, Yahtzee, & Rummy Cube)
• Family beach trips to the gulf to go fishing

A little about Stacey

Mason says: Stacey will be the best mom! She’s friendly, caring, puts others first, and loves deep. She will give our child every opportunity to experience life in its fullest, protect him or her, and give her whole heart to motherhood.

Favorite activities:
• Making cutting boards or updating old furniture pieces
• Learning to grow vegetables and flowers
• Exercising
• Taking our dogs to the creek
• Cooking
• Reading

A little about Mason

Stacey says: Mason is loyal, kind, and loves big. He works hard and cares for everyone around him. Mason is laid-back and will be an amazing dad who teaches our children everything he can. Our nieces and nephews love being around Mason and I know our child will adore him as a father!

Favorite activities:
• (Pretty much anything outside!)
• Fishing with his dad and brother
• Duck hunting with his friends
• Grilling out on the weekends

Our Home in Alabama

We live near Birmingham in a 4 bedroom home on 2 acres. Our property has plenty of room to play, a fenced pool, and hiking trails with creeks within walking distance. Some of our friends and family live in our neighborhood too! We’re in a great school district and there are playgrounds and biking areas close by.

Our Family

We have lots of family on both sides who we enjoy spending time with often. Our families come from Christian backgrounds and are very supportive and hard-working people. We have 7 nieces (going on 8!) and 4 nephews, so there are lots of cousins to play with. Some of our family lives within walking distance, and others are just a short drive away.

We travel to visit each other all the time to enjoy meals, church, vacations, shopping, fishing, walks or bike rides, and help each other with projects. Everyone is excited about welcoming the child we adopt!

Our Promise

As parents we will always love and protect our child. We promise to raise him or her with Christian values, to be strong and respectful, and to be true to themselves. We believe education is important and we will provide anything our child needs to succeed and reach their goals. Our hope is that our child will grow up with fond memories of quality time spent together, and we look forward to family vacations, celebrating special occasions, and everything in between. We love to laugh, be spontaneous, and fun, and enjoy every day we are given together!

If you’re open to it, we would like to share photos, videos, and updates with you as your child grows up. We want to respect your part in our family and will honor our commitment to keep in touch, if that is something you want. We’d love to hear your stories and get to know you!

Thank you for learning about the life we’d love to offer your child. If you have any questions or want to talk, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Mason & Stacey

Learn More About Mason & Stacey

  Mason Stacey
Our EducationBachelor's DegreeSome College
Our ProfessionsSenior Manager for a Sub-contracting CompanySales Rep for a Steel Mill
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Mason & Stacey's Favorites
ColorYellowBlue or green
FoodAnything breakfast!Chicken wings or sushi
HobbyCooking, hunting, fishingHome projects, shopping, decorating
Thing About SpringGreat weather & crawfish boilsPlanting our garden & good hiking weather
VacationWeekend camping at the lakeGoing to the beach at Bay Side
Type of MusicBluesRock'n'roll
More About Our Family
At home we like...

• Swimming with our dogs
• Fishing on our boat
• Vegetable gardening (especially our yearly pumpkin patch)
• Cooking
• Going to see live music

Fun Facts

Stacey: I can’t sing or dance well, but still love to try!

Mason: I lived in 7 states before I was 11 years old. (And I dance better than Stacey!)

Our Pets

We have two dogs; Izzy, our Black Lab, loves duck hunting with Mason, and our Lab-mix puppy, Claude, likes to cuddle and play. Our pets love being around people and are good with kids. They’re a sweet part of our family!

Traditions we'd love to share with our future child

• Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving
• Crawfish boil every March
• Making a family calendar with photos
• Beach trip family portraits
• Big Thanksgivings with our grandparents
• Planning one-on-one activities with our nieces & nephews for their birthdays
• Eating greens, peas, and ham for New Year’s Day

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 4 years old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 6 years old

In Closing

Thank you for learning about us and the life we'd love to share with the child we adopt. We're excited to become parents through adoption and hope to get to know you along the way. If you want an open adoption we will gladly honor that connection with you. To talk with us or learn more, just ask Lifetime about us! We hope to hear from you.

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