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A Letter from Luke & Cassandra

Hello! We are a family of four from northern California. We have a love for the great outdoors and for family. We are so excited to add another child into our family.

We hope our website gives you a look into our family. We would love to get to know you at whatever level you are comfortable with.

About Us

Told by Cassandra: We grew up in different towns not too far from each other, but met during activities our churches did together. For Luke it was love at first sight; for me, I wasn’t even looking to date. Luke waited until after high school and then asked my dad for permission to date me. We have been married now for 8 years; time flies when you are spending it with the love of your life and best friend. We enjoy hiking, camping and doing life together.

We have always talked about adoption as a way to expand our family and feel the Lord calling us to this now. We look forward to growing our family through adoption.

Meet Cassandra (by Luke)

Cassandra is the love of my life. She is truly the best person in the world. She is loving, caring, hardworking, and fun. She is the perfect balance of country girl and fashion queen. She loves and cares for our children and family. She likes to try her hand at new recipes and DIY projects around the house, anything from building decorative signs to painting. She loves anything outdoors, including camping and walks. Cassandra has always had a heart for children. She homeschools our kids and loves to see how they learn to do things on their own. Cassandra looks forward to playing with our next child through each stage of life, snuggling on the couch, and dressing them in cute clothes. She wants to share with them her love for the Lord, teach them how to bake, and so much more.

Cassandra also enjoys:

  • Watching movies
  • Thrift store shopping
  • Relaxing on a beach
  • Flowers
  • Family get-togethers
  • Date nights
  • Fall time

Meet Luke (by Cassandra)

Luke is a fun, hardworking and thoughtful man. He is a heavy equipment operator/mechanic. Luke is always working on things around the house from yard work to building projects. He likes working with wood and building things with his hands. He has built all the cabinets in our house. No matter how busy life gets, he always makes sure to put God and family first. He is always willing to help people, especially with their projects. He loves the outdoors and is always looking for opportunities to get out and explore something new. He is a wonderful dad to our children, and I know he will be a great dad to our next child as well. He looks forward to sharing his life experiences and love of nature and the outdoors. Luke is very artistic and would love to share his love of drawing and creativity with our next child. He looks forward to playing games and playful wrestling with them.

Luke enjoys:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Woodworking
  • Quad riding
  • Cattle roundups
  • Welding

Our Family

We both come from large families! Luke is one of 13 kids and Cassandra is one of 10 kids.

We have two biological children. Westin is our six-year-old son and Zadie is our four-year-old daughter. They are both full of energy, and love to color! They are also very imaginative when playing with their toys. We love doing family things together: taking walks, riding bikes, relaxing at the house, watching a movie, and playing games. We have family close by and we get together on a weekly basis. Our future child will be deeply loved by all. We are all so excited and have been praying for you and your child.

Our Home in California

Our home is in a small town in the mountains. We live on a dead-end street, so it is a good place for children to play and ride bikes. We have a four-bedroom home and a nice fenced in yard with lots of grass for us to enjoy. The kids have a playset with a slide and swings in our yard, but always enjoy going to our community playground for special play days. We have a nice patio space for summer campfires. We live close to a National Park and State Parks with lots of hiking trails and beautiful views. There are several lakes and waterfalls that we like to explore nearby, and lots of hills that make for good sledding in the winter. There is a fish hatchery that we like to go and see all the different sizes of fish. We have about an hour drive to a bigger city where we do our main shopping and date nights. We live in a great location, so we do not have to travel far to find a good spot to have fun!

Our Promise to You

We are praying for you. We want you to know that we promise to love you and your child. We would love the opportunity to share our life experiences and adventures with your child to help them develop and thrive in life. We will take care of them to the best of our abilities and teach them to be kind. We will love, guide and direct them. We are open to whatever contact you would like for updates.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Luke & Cassandra

  Luke Cassandra
Our EducationHigh school diploma High school diploma
Our ProfessionsHeavy equipment operator/mechanic/driver Stay-at-home mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Luke & Cassandra's Favorites
SeasonFall-the cooler rainy weatherFall-the beautiful colors and decorations
Activity Deer huntingCamping
FoodHamburgersOrange chicken & fried rice
ColorGrayDark Green
MoviePatriot Divergent
SnackBeef jerkySalty chips & dark chocolate
More About Our Family
Fun facts

-Cassandra took a cake decorating class before we were married and has done many birthday, wedding and baby shower cakes for friends and family.

-Luke graduated school a year early so he could start work and get married to Cassandra as soon as possible.

Fun Traditions

We have so many fun traditions we do throughout the year!
-Valentines Day has turned into a family date night. We go on a picnic or make a fort in the living room to eat under.
-Easter is like a big family reunion. We ride bikes, fly kites, have an Easter egg hunt and have plenty of delicious food.
-We love camping on the coast and any place that looks like a fun place to explore. We try and go several times a year. We have a camp trailer and a tent that we enjoy using.
-We have a Memorial Day tradition at Cassandra's parents' house where we all sleep out under the stars and then cook breakfast outside the next morning.
-October is pumpkin picking time! We grow our own pumpkins in the garden and then gather together with family and have a carving contest.
-Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of year where we have lots of things we like to schedule in and make time for: Christmas tree cutting, pizza night, and driving around looking at Christmas lights. Then on Christmas Eve we have a big dinner and get bundled up afterwards and get on a hay wagon to go sing Christmas carols in the neighborhood.
-More Fun traditions: Summer swimming, canoeing, 4th of July Parade & fireworks, summer BBQs, & fishing!

Our Musical Interest

Luke plays the guitar and Cassandra plays the violin. We definitely are not pros at it but get them out to play on occasion.

Our Faith/Church

We are a family who loves the Lord Jesus. We have a wonderful church that teaches from the Bible. Our church family supports us and encourages us on a weekly basis. We both grew up in Christian families. We both know and love the Lord as our personal Savior.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months







In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and for considering us to be the parents of your child. Family is very important to us, and we want to reassure you that we will always love and care for our children as they develop and grow. We will tell them the truth about their adoption story and that they are loved. We are open to emails, texts, and annual visits for updates on your child. We want you to feel comfortable with the amount of contact and updates you desire. If you have any questions about us, please reach out to Lifetime and they can get us in touch.

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