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A Letter from Kleb & Kenya

Hi there! We are an Afro-Caribbean family of 3 living in Georgia. We’re very excited to pursue our second adoption through Lifetime! Thank you for stopping by our page. We have a happy home that’s full of love, laughter, and adventure. We love the outdoors and spend lots of time swimming & biking. Traveling is our passion and we love to explore new places and create lasting memories. We also enjoy spending time with our loved ones. We hope our website will give you a look into our lives. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your hopes and dreams for your child.

About Us

We met 15 years ago through a mutual friend and our connection was almost instantaneous. We have been inseparable since and truly enjoy spending time together. We have been married for 11 happy years and have shared many amazing adventures through the years, both as a couple and as a family of 3. In our free time, you will find us outside soaking up the sun and being active. We love swimming, biking, playing sports, visiting parks, and running.  We also love food and are either whipping up something delicious at home or trying out new cuisines around our beautiful city. Being with our loved ones is our ultimate favorite activity and we often host cookouts and gatherings to bring everyone together. We strive to fill our lives and home with laughter and love each and every day.

We adopted our son, Amari, as a newborn 3 years ago through Lifetime and he has been an amazing addition to our family. Our lives have changed in so many wonderful ways since his arrival and we are forever grateful to his birthmother for allowing us to be his parents. We love being parents and we feel that we have more room in our hearts and home for an additional child.


About Kenya

According to Kleb: Kenya is one of the most affectionate and generous people that I’ve ever known. One of the best qualities about my wife is that she is very ambitious. She completed 3 college degrees, all while supporting herself. During the pandemic, she kept working taking care of others, despite getting sick herself. Her compassion and ability to see the good in the world have no bounds. She makes me strive to be a better human. Kenya loves all outdoor activities including swimming, hiking, & biking. She also enjoys reading and watching documentaries.

As a mom, Kenya is gentle, compassionate, responsible, and full of life. Her patience and love for our son is awe inspiring. She also shows up for him as a friend, confidant, and role model. Amari adores his mama & his world immediately brightens when she walks into the room. I could not ask for a better wife or mother for my son, and I know Kenya will care for your child with the same acceptance, love, & devotion. Kenya looks forward to teaching your child a love for the outdoors and the magical world of books.

About Kleb

According to Kenya: Kleb is a kind, intelligent, and humble man. He’s incredibly hardworking and responsible – his word is his bond and you can count on him to do what he says. He’s an amazingly supportive husband and I’m blessed to have him as my life partner and father to our child. He goes above and beyond to take care of us…making us delicious meals every day and getting Amari off to school every morning. He is also a great role model to our son. You can always find the two of them on the floor building/racing cars and trains, kicking the ball in the back yard, or holding a foot race at the park. They both have amazing speed and enjoy racing. Kleb is the glue of our family & we’re very lucky to have him in our lives. Kleb looks forward to playing soccer with your child and cultivating a passion for fixing things.

Kleb enjoys his work as an I.T. Analyst, and he is able to work from home full-time. His flexible schedule allows him to be more present for our family. In his spare time, you will find him playing soccer at the park with his teammates, running, biking, volunteering at the local food bank, or mastering the grill.


About Our Son, Amari

Amari is a cheerful, smart, and playful 3-year-old boy. He loves playing outside, kicking the ball around, and challenging everyone to a foot race. He loves to read, sing, swim, and play with his cars and trains. He also enjoys going to school and making new friends. He always has a big smile on his face and a kiss/hug for his mama and dada.

Amari loves to travel and always has his bags packed. He is a curious little guy who never gets enough of exploring the world or meeting new people. At school, his teachers describe him as a leader, good listener, and gentle with the other kids. He asks about siblings often and he is very excited to be a big brother!


Our Home in Georgia

We live in a spacious 4-bedroom house in the quiet suburbs of a large city. We get the best of both worlds – a serene neighborhood full of active families & great schools, while also being close enough to enjoy the exciting activities of a thriving city. We have a large yard & screened back patio for year-round outside fun. We often host cookouts for our loved ones in our home and take a dip in the pool during the summers. The house is located in a cul-de-sac where kids gather to play & ride their bikes. Our home is our sanctuary & we look forward to raising our family here for many years to come.

Our Promise

  • We promise to love, protect, and treasure your child for a lifetime.
  • We promise to provide a safe and loving home, and a quality education.
  • We promise to guide your child to discover their passions and to cheer them on every step of the way.
  • We promise to always provide for them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
  • We promise to speak of you in the highest regard.
  • We promise to honor our commitment to keep in touch through pictures, updates, and visits.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Kleb & Kenya

  Kleb Kenya
Our EducationBachelor's degree in Computer Science Master's degree in Nursing
Our ProfessionsI.T. Analyst Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Stay-At-HomeWork from home full-timePart-time
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican American African American
Some of Kleb & Kenya's Favorites
FoodSeafoodCaribbean & Indian
HobbySoccerSwimming & Reading
VacationMexicoColombia & Haiti
GameFIFA soccerTaboo
Type of MovieDisneyRomantic drama
Music genreAfrobeatAfrobeat; R&B
Childhood memoryGoing to soccer games with my cousinsSunday lunch after church, then swimming with my family
More About Our Family
Fun Facts About Us

- We speak a total of 6 languages between us.
- We have run several 5Ks and 10Ks together, even in the rain.
- We have 4 college degrees between us.
- We have traveled to 24 states and 10 countries together.
- We have touched and fed giraffes by hand.
- Our favorite summer activity is hiking, then jumping into the river for a quick dip

Our Faith

We believe in God and are active members of a large, multicultural Christian church. We attend service regularly and also participate in adult and couples' programs throughout the year. We believe that having community support is an integral part of our spiritual health. We believe that God has a plan for our lives.

Our Extended Family

We are both blessed to come from large families. Kenya's the youngest of five kids. Her parents and sister live close by and often drop by to visit. Kenya's mom is a retired kindergarten teacher and takes great pride in making learning fun for Amari. Amari often has sleepovers with our family and trusted friends, which he adores. Both of Kenya's brothers live in the D.C. area with their families and visit often.

Kleb is the 6th child of a family of 8 children. He has 16 nieces & nephews. Most of his family lives in Connecticut and we talk and visit with them regularly. We have a group chat that we use to keep in touch with each other almost daily, and we always make a point to visit each other during the summers and holidays. All of our family is very excited for our second adoption and ready to welcome your child into our fold.

Our Thoughts on Parenthood

- We strongly believe that a parent's primary role is to provide a safe environment for their children, both physically and emotionally. We regularly tell and show our love to Amari with both words and physical touch. Hugs, kisses, and "I love you" are a cornerstone in our daily lives.
- We believe that our home is a safe space for all family members, no matter their age. We believe in mutual respect, trust, and open communication and we will encourage our children to express themselves respectfully. We believe in taking care of our children's mental health.
- We believe in setting firm boundaries while encouraging independence and exploration. We do not believe in the withdrawal of love/affection for negative behavior.
- We believe that as parents, our role is to guide our children to discovering their passions and ambitions. We do not believe that we are meant to control our children's lives or futures but rather assist and guide them to achieve their own personal goals. We believe in exposing our kids to many different ideas, cultures, and traditions and expanding their world view as much as we can.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-4 years





Sibling Group

Yes, with oldest up to 4 years

In Closing

Our greatest desire is to grow our family. Adopting our son has enriched our lives in so many ways and we cannot wait to experience life with another child/children running around the house. We look forward to Saturday afternoon soccer games and cookouts, swimming and biking on the weekend with family and friends, and traveling to all corners of the globe during summer holidays. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We would love to meet you.

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