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A Letter from David & Monica

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We feel very blessed for the opportunity to become parents through adoption. Our commitment is to provide your child with a healthy, happy, and supportive home filled with all the love that we can possibly give. As we work from home, we have the time and availability to be with our child for every milestone and everything in between. We are so grateful that you would consider us as adoptive parents. Our prayers are with you throughout this journey, and we would be deeply honored to join you.

About Us

We met in high school, fell in love in college, and have been happily married for over 20 years. Having children has always been our dream. After many years of fertility treatments, we came to realize together that adoption was the perfect way to grow our family. Our family and friends say we are a kind, responsible, patient, and compassionate couple with strong family values. We cannot wait to pour all our love into a child and guide them to become whoever they want to be in life.

Together we enjoy:

  • Traveling
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, swimming, boating, and camping)
  • Cooking for family and friends
  • Eating at different restaurants
  • Going to theme parks and beaches
  • Watching television and movies
  • Playing games with friends

My Wife Monica

According to David: Monica is a loving, caring, patient, and compassionate individual who is genuinely adored by our nieces and nephews and friends’ kids. In her free time, Monica loves cooking, hiking, painting, and reading. Monica is the holiday hostess and master chef for our family and friends. She is excellent at making delicious, healthy, and diverse foods.

As a university professor, Monica is passionate about her work and impacting the lives of the next generation. She takes pride in her job and cares deeply about her students and their futures. Monica loves children and is devoted to helping those in need. She has volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, regularly donates to campus food pantries, and consistently supports two kids from disadvantaged areas, one of whom has graduated from nursing school.

Monica will be an amazing mother, providing love, care, knowledge, and a wealth of experiences to our child. Monica is excited to share her skills in cooking, take them to theme parks, and teach them about numbers, stories, life skills, and the importance of always respecting others.

My Husband David

According to Monica: David is kind, compassionate, patient, and hard-working. I am so blessed to have married such a caring and intelligent man, whom I can always count on. He always helps with cooking and takes care of house cleaning and yard work. David is a selfless and generous person, who loves to help others and contribute to the community. He is easy-going and is well-loved by everyone he meets. David loves children and genuinely enjoys spending time with them. Since the beginning of our marriage, I have watched him be a role model and a loving uncle to our nieces and nephews. He takes them to museums and parks, plans vacations with them, and offers assistance throughout various stages of their growth and development. These qualities and more will make David an incredible father.

David works from home as a senior data analyst for a large healthcare company. When he is not working, he enjoys listening to music, watching sports, and engaging in outdoor activities. David looks forward to teaching our child how to swim, cook delicious food, and understand the importance of being healthy and active.

Our Home in Florida

Our home is in a beautiful suburban neighborhood in central Florida, about a 45-miniute drive to beaches and popular theme parks such as Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Legoland. The neighborhood is conveniently located within walking distance of schools, and is in one of the best school districts in the entire state of Florida. It is a diverse, friendly, and safe community full of families with children who often play together.

We have a 4-bedroom house with plenty of indoor play space and a spacious front and back yard with a swimming pool. After work, we cook together, enjoy relaxing and quiet time in the backyard, and watch TV/movies on the couch. During weekends or holidays, we invite friends and their children to our house, play table tennis, swim, and have BBQs. We love our home and look forward to raising our children here.

Our Family

We both come from large and close-knit families that love and support each other. David’s dad and aunt were both adopted and have maintained close relationships with their birth families. Thus, David has enjoyed countless love from grandparents and many uncles, aunts, and cousins.

We have six nieces and nephews. We have been greatly involved in their lives and growing-up years. It has been very rewarding to see them grow from infancy through their teenage years.

Our extended families all live in China. Despite the long distance, we are very close and in frequent contact. We truly enjoy interacting with family members and visit them almost every year. They are excited and extremely supportive of the upcoming adoption and are looking forward to welcoming our child to our family.

Our Promise

We are fully committed to providing a nurturing, supportive, caring, and joyful home for your child, ensuring that their physical, emotional, and educational needs are met to the best of our abilities.

We pledge to love your child unconditionally, explore the world together, and share our love for the simple joys of a life well lived.

We promise to appreciate diverse cultures and inspire your child to embrace their own story. We will celebrate their achievements and offer unwavering support during challenging times.

We will always respect you as your child’s birth mother, speak highly of you, and be honest about their adoption story.

We promise to be open to contact with you through texts, calls, letters, and occasional visits.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About David & Monica

  David Monica
Our EducationDoctorate Degree in Hydrologic Modeling, Master's Degree in StatisticsDoctorate Degree in Health Geography
Our ProfessionsData AnalystProfessor
Stay-At-HomeWork from homeWork at home three or more days per week, 4 months of semester breaks
Our Racial BackgroundAsianAsian
Some of David & Monica's Favorites
FoodSpicy pastaSeafood
SportsSoccer, footballTable tennis
MovieThe GodfatherForrest Gump
TV ShowThe OfficeFriends
Favorite way to unwindHiking and listening to musicCooking and hiking
More About Our Family
Our Vacations

Adventure and travel are always fun for us. We enjoy being outdoors and visiting new destinations. Every year, we plan one international trip and several domestic ones. Typically, in the summer, we visit our extended families in China and explore nearby countries and regions like Japan and Hong Kong. During the winter break, we always plan a one-week trip, which could take us to destinations such as Canada and Alaska. In addition, we enjoy road trips to places like Key West and the Great Smoky Mountains. We can’t wait to take our child on vacations, including frequent visits to Disney World as we are annual passholders.

Our Faith

We were not raised in the Christian faith, but our aunts who are Christians, have greatly influenced us. We both became Christians who believe in loving God and everyone, no matter where they come from. You can expect your child to be raised in a home with open communication, reassurance, and lovingly leading by example.

Plans for Childcare & School

David works from home, and Monica has 4-month semester breaks and works at home three or more days a week. Our flexible work schedules allow us plenty of time to bond with and be active in our child’s life. There are several excellent daycare centers and top public/private schools close to our neighborhood that we will consider to best meet our child’s needs.

Why We Are Adopting

Becoming parents has always been our dream! We have struggled with infertility for many years, including a heartbreaking miscarriage and failures of several cycles of IVFs. Amidst the sadness, disappointment, and heartbroken moments, God led us to open our hearts to adoption. We believe God has a beautiful plan and we are truly thankful to be on this journey together.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to six years old





Sibling Group

Yes, with oldest up to 6 years old

In Closing

Thank you very much for considering us for the privilege and responsibility of parenting your baby. We have so much love to give to your child, and to you. We promise to cherish, support, and love the child with all our hearts. We are confident that our love, experiences, and resources provide a strong foundation for a healthy, happy, and prosperous life for a child. We are open to discussing what contact you are comfortable with (email, texts/calls, and occasional visits) and making a plan together. We look forward to being amazing parents and sharing our lives with you and your child. If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 to set up a phone call or video chat with us. Love, Monica and David

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