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A Letter from Danny & Maria

Hi! We’re so happy to share a little about us and the life we hope to share with a child through adoption. As a family, we are centered on loving and supporting each other with everything in life. It’s important to us to be caring, friendly, fun, and hard-working. Our story goes all the way back to high school! We’re a blended family who enjoy being involved in our teens’ lives, making music, and getting outdoors. Together we own a business that provides educational support for parents and we’re passionate about helping children. Our business also gives us the ability to work from home, so one of us will always be with our child. It’s been our dream to raise a baby together and we’re excited to grow our family through open adoption!

Our Story

How it all began: We met in high school, dated in college, and then our stories led us to other serious relationships separately. Then our stories came back together when we were both single again years later. We’ve been happily married over 9 years and we’re ready to see where our story leads our family next!

Activities we enjoy:
• Going to the park with our dog
• Walks around the neighborhood
• Playing games, like Sorry and Charades
• Listening to music or playing guitar
• Attending pro or college soccer and basketball games
• Sharing meals together
• Hosting friends for backyard barbecues

A Little About Maria

Danny says: I love Maria’s kindness and desire to help others. She’s an incredible partner and mother, and our loved ones often come to her for parenting advice. Maria stays very involved in the lives of our children, cousins, nephews, and nieces. She immediately embraced her role as “bonus mom” to our son and daughter. I know she’ll be an amazing mother to the child we adopt into our family!

Maria likes:
• Playing guitar, piano, and the drums
• Singing
• Meals and music with neighbors
• Swimming in the ocean (or anywhere!)

Maria’s Fun Fact: I used to be a lifeguard and swim instructor and I love teaching kids to swim!

A Little About Danny

Maria says: Danny is selfless and often the first person to volunteer to help when needed. He’s the best father and always there for our children. Danny is fun-loving and loves to plan activities for us. He’s also an excellent teacher and the kids in our family adore him. I have loved Danny since I was 15 and he will always be my number one. I’m so excited to raise another child with him!

Danny likes:
• Learning to play guitar
• Reading
• Walking our dog

Danny’s Fun Fact: I have published a few papers in major scientific journals AND I’m known for being a huge fan of Star Trek.

Family Life

Our kids, Payson and Cade are awesome teens. Right now they live with their mother a few hours away and and we love spending time with them as often as we can. High school life keeps them busy and we enjoy staying involved in their lives and supporting their activities. In between visits, we regularly FaceTime, have phone calls, or text each other. Our daughter, Payson, is into her friends, makeup, shopping, movies, and babysitting on the side. She is very kind, caring, helpful, and particularly good with animals. Our son, Cade, enjoys track and field, skateboarding, music, and his friends. He is a sweet teen who actually loves time with family too. Both Payson and Cade are excited about our plans to adopt and have even helped us get things ready for our future baby. They will be a wonderful big brother and sister!

When we get together as a family we love:
• Going to music performances
• College sports and local high school football
• Family movie night
• Vacations with extended family

Our Home in Washington

We live in a wonderful community near lakes and rivers in Washington State. We have great neighbors who have become some of our close friends. We’re close to a dog park, a school, parks with play grounds, and seasonal things to do with the kids. The ski resorts are 90 minutes one way and the beach is 90 minutes the other way. Plus, we’re only 20 minutes from the sporting events we love to attend. Our home has a large backyard with a grassy field where we love to play soccer or other games. There are 5 bedrooms, one of which is already set up as the nursery for our future baby.

Our Dog: Our sweet Emma is a lovable Greyhound-German Shepherd mix. She’s very obedient and great with people!

Our Promise

Adoption is a lifelong commitment, and we promise to honor our commitment to you and your child. We will provide your child with the care, love, and support to grow into a healthy, happy individual. We will do everything possible to make a positive and loving impact on this child, nurturing and creating stability where he or she can become all they are meant to be. We believe in encouraging positive behaviors and guiding a child with gentle, clear boundaries, with lots of opportunity to pursue and develop their talents and dreams. In our family, your child will grow up in a home filled with fun, music, and learning.

It’s important to us that our child understand our family’s adoption story and be able to talk about their questions as they process how we came together. We will also encourage and maintain a connection with you, if you’re comfortable. We plan to honor your child’s heritage and celebrate his or her cultural background. Your child will always know how much you, and their history, mean to us!

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We’d be excited to talk or meet with you! To contact us, call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Danny & Maria

  Danny Maria
Our EducationMaster’s Degree in ArcheologyDoctorate and Master’s Degrees in Special Education
Our ProfessionsChief Financial OfficerChief Executive Officer and Chief Clinical Officer
Stay-At-HomePart-time and work from homePart-time and work from home
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Danny & Maria's Favorites
MovieStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeThe Family Man
SportSoccerSwimming and ice skating
HobbyGuitar and readingMusic and spending time with family and friends
BookShogun, by James ClavellThe Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton
Place to VisitThe beachCannon Beach, Oregon
More About Our Family
Why We're Hoping to Adopt

When we got married Danny had 2 young children from a previous relationship and we embraced blended family life together. We love being parents and have wanted to expand our family. Adoption has been on our hearts for a long time and we have several loved ones who were adopted. Now that our teenagers are almost grown, we feel the time is right to start this journey to adopt.

What We Love About Our Work

Maria: I am a behavioral analyst and own a company that helps children, teens, and young adults with behavioral needs. I’ve also written a parenting book and worked for a technology company that helps people with special needs. My passion is helping children learn positive social skills and it lights me up to watch them grow and learn.

Danny: By training, I’m an archaeologist and studied archaeology through college. I loved traveling to discover historical details in different places! (An appreciation for exploring history is something I love passing down to my children.) Recently I started working for Maria’s company as CFO, and it’s been great working with my wife to help families and children. Plus, this new position has a more predictable schedule that allows me to be home more than my previous work in archaeology.

Our Extended Family

We both come from stable, happy, close-knit families who love keeping up with each other and being a part of each other’s lives. We were both raised to love sports and creativity, with traditional family values and a Catholic upbringing. Most of our family is in Southern California, where we grew up, and we make several trips to visit them each year. Maria is one of four siblings and Danny has one brother. Everyone is excited to meet the child we adopt!

Family Traditions

• Going to the neighborhood pumpkin patch
• Easter egg hunts in our backyard
• BIG family reunions (sometimes 70 or more people!)
• Spending holidays and time off visiting our parents and extended families in Los Angeles
• Summers camping and exploring national parks and historical sites around the western U.S.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 3 months old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 4 years old

In Closing

We're beyond thankful to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby! It would be our joy to learn more about you and your child, and to hear what you picture for this connection through adoption. Our hearts and family are ready to welcome a child of any racial background and we're so excited to raise a child together. We'd love to talk with you! Ask Lifetime about us to set up a call or video chat.

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