A Letter from Tamera

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for reading my profile and taking the time to get to know me.  I promise to provide your child with a safe, stable and loving home filled with support, family, education, and world travel.  I am excited to be a first-time mom and sharing my life with your child.


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About Me

My friends and family would say I am loving, generous, smart, talkative, and funny. I’d add ambitious, thoughtful, open-minded, and spiritual.  Many of these traits are what lead me to become an attorney and I know I chose the right profession.  Being an attorney presents new challenges for me daily and has provided me endless opportunities to reach personal and professional milestones.

I have always wanted children and have always known that adoption was the path for me.  My career as an attorney solidified that, as it has allowed me to help children by volunteering pro bono as a guardian ad litem. As a guardian ad litem, I advocate for what is in the best interest of the children in court. These experiences have only deepened my desire to adopt and to provide a loving, nurturing and stable home as a parent.

My Interests & Hobbies

I love to travel, read, volunteer, and spend time with my family and friends.  I also play tennis and I am a huge football fan. My favorite destinations are anywhere near an ocean, so I can swim, snorkel, or do any water sport that is active and fun.  I learned to swim at a very young age and will definitely pass that on to your child.  I recently traveled to South Africa and went on a safari, which was the trip of a lifetime.  I’ve visited over 20 states and 10 countries yet I’ve never been to Disney. I’ve been saving that trip and I can’t wait to take your child there! 

I care deeply about children in need and I volunteer monthly with two important organizations that also care about children: one is a national organization dedicated to providing childhood development services to children under the age of 5; the other provides mentoring and educational opportunities for women of color in high school. I look forward to sharing my passion for helping others with your child and showing them the importance of lending a hand to those in need.


My Beautiful New Home in Texas

I just built my home within the past year. It has 3 bedrooms and tons of windows that provide plenty of sunlight throughout. I currently use one of the bedrooms as an at-home office and makeshift workout room where I keep my treadmill.  I am excited to get started decorating the nursery.  Though my yard is on the smaller side, it is fenced and there is plenty of green space nearby for us to run and play. The community has a swimming pool and is close to everything – museums, parks, tennis courts, libraries, and much more.

My 'Framily'

My friends and my family are my “framily.”  They have all contributed to my life in some way.  My mom and dad live in Michigan, are very healthy, active, and excited to be grandparents!  My mom has 5 siblings, all who have children, and I have over 30 cousins who are thrilled to meet your child and welcome them to our family.

I have ‘friends’ all over – Texas, Michigan, Georgia, and Indiana. I see my Texas ‘framily’ several times a week and my out of state ‘framily’ travels to see each other monthly at the very least, sometimes more. It truly takes a village, and my village is my sanctuary and my support.

My Traditions

Over the last few years, I have started a new tradition of taking a group trip with my family.  In the past, we have spent various holidays at the beach in Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, South Carolina.  We are all looking forward to continuing this tradition in Florida in 2020 and everyone is excited to welcome your child into the family fun.

I spend Christmas Eve with my Texas ‘framily’ – we wear matching PJs, open one gift together on Christmas Eve, and have breakfast together on Christmas morning.  They are all so excited to include your child in the tradition and have already started looking for matching PJ’s for them.

My Promise

I am grateful for this journey. I promise to live every day ensuring that your child has unconditional love, unbridled happiness, the best education, and opportunities to explore his/her ambition and fulfill their dreams.  I look forward to playdates, bible school, school plays, band practice, sports games, and dance – all things that I was exposed to as a child and which made me the extremely well-rounded person I am today. I look forward to getting to know you and look forward to sharing letters, pictures, and visits to whatever level that you are most comfortable with.

If you would like to learn more about me, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Tamera

My EducationUniversity of Michigan
My ProfessionsAttorney
Stay-At-HomeNo but I live close to the office and my job is flexible
My Racial BackgroundAfrican American
Some of Tamera's Favorites
MoviesThe Notebook, Love Jones
FoodsThai, Mexican, French fries
ColorPink, white
VacationSouth Africa
On my birthday I like toTravel and donate to a charity that gives birthday celebrations to underprivilegedchildren
I want to teach my child toswim
More About My Family
Our Special Interests

I love to travel, especially to the beach. I took swimming lessons beginning at age 4 and I have loved the water ever since! We learn so much about ourselves and others by seeing the world and having different experiences. Some of my favorite destinations in the U.S. include Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, and Maui; outside the U.S. include London, Nice, Paris, and Capetown. I also think its important to give back, and volunteer with a few organizations locally. I try to read at least one book per month.

Our Musical Interest

I love all types of music: top 40, R&B, pop, motivational and around the holidays, I love Christmas music. I saw Beyoncé perform in France!

About My Home

I live in a newly built 3 bedroom home, with a fenced yard. One of my favorite things about the home is the deck - you can see the city, watch fireworks, and watch the planes land in the distance.

I live in the state of...

Texas, where they say everything is bigger! I am from Michigan. My life journey has also taken me to Georgia and California. My city is full of life, the people are diverse, and there is so much opportunity. The absolute right place to start my family.

Our Neighborhood

I live in a great neighborhood. The community is safe, diverse and within a short distance to libraries, parks, tennis courts, schools. The community has a pool and there is a dog park nearby if we decide we want a pet someday.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old


I would love to adopt twins!


I have no preference on gender.

Sibling Group

I’d love to adopt a sibling group with the oldest up to 2 years old. Keeping a family together is important!

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican American, African American/Any Race
Future Contact with Birth Family

I am open to phone calls, visits and letters!

In Closing

Thank you. I appreciate the time you have spent learning more about me. God put adoption on my heart several years ago and I approach this journey with love, gratitude, and grace. I am thankful for you considering me for your child. I am open to whatever level of contact makes you comfortable with including pictures, letters, and visits.

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