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A Letter from Curtis & Tamara

Our family of three loves to laugh and have fun.  We have invested in creating a lifestyle that gives both financial security and ability to travel often and explore the world!  As we work from home, we are able to “take it on the road” and are often sneaking off to our latest adventure.  We value spending time with both our family and friends and frequently host dinner and game nights! Our family/friends group is very ethnically diverse with many cultures represented!  We call ourselves the little melting pot.  In 2020, we were blessed through the miracle of adoption with our baby girl, Ariana!  She is so ready for a baby sister or brother and will make a great big sister! Our nursery is ready and so are we! We are open to all levels of contact.




We love to explore!

We truly love to go on weeklong vacations, day trips, overnighters, or just stopping at the nearest park for our next adventure.  We love to roadtrip and stop to see all the points of interest.  We have discovered the journey is just as fun as the destination.  We love to visit Florida a few times a year (mostly in the winter months) and have thoroughly enjoyed taking Ari to Disney World and Sesame Street.  She loves to see Elmo and the Cookie Monster.  Ari may have caught our adventure bug as she asks us every week, “Okay where are we going next.”

Great question Ari, next few things on our bucket list are:

  • Yellowstone
  • historic Boston, MA
  • Niagra Falls (from both sides)
  • Carribean Cruise
  • Ireland

Who knows where the next adventure will take us!

Not only do we love to explore, we love to play board and card games with friends and family. We enjoy taking walks through nature and frequent our local 4500 acre park, which includes lakes, playgrounds and walking trails.

We enjoy taking Ari to Disney World, Sea World, the Zoo, and to the park. We are looking forward to taking our next child to these places as well.

About Curtis:

Curtis is into adventure!  He is very outgoing and can strike up a conversation with virtually anyone.  He loves history, especially anything to do with the US Navy or the ocean.  He loves trying new foods.  His favorite food is an old-fashioned hamburger.  Curtis works as a Real Estate Broker and enjoys helping people find their forever homes.  He is very skilled at fixing most anything and is often found tinkering with some engine “making it work better” or completing some home improvement project.  He loves being a daddy and spending time playing with Ariana.  They can be found “doing dishes” which mostly consists of Ari creating tons of bubbles!  He truly treats her like a princess. Curtis is eager to celebrate all the new baby’s first moments and take in all the hugs and snuggles he can get.

About Tamara:

Tamara loves to laugh!  She can be found laughing to the point of tears with her sister, (both love to joke and laugh in a way we may never understand). Tamara is more quiet and reserved, though very loyal to her friend group!  She is most at home in nature and loves to garden.  She loves all forms of music and plays the piano (wants to learn guitar). Ari shares her love of music and they are frequently singing together or taking a dance break.  She loves animals and makes sure we maintain a yearly membership to our zoo.  Tamara helps Curtis in real estate and brings design elements to the rehabs.  She is great with envisioning a new layout and great at problem solving in general.  She is thoroughly enjoying being a mommy to Ariana and guiding her in all her developmental steps.  Tamara and Ari love to do arts and crafts together.  Tamara is excited to share her love of music and teach our new baby how to explore the world around them!

About our daughter, Ariana:

Ari is our outgoing, fun-loving 3-year-old.  She is super smart and has been learning sign language.  She loves music and dancing.  She is tall for her age and gravitates toward those she “looks like” so frequently is playing with 5-6 year olds.  Ariana recently was able to start Sunday School and LOVES it!  She sings the songs all week and can’t wait to go see her friends again.  She loves playgrounds and helping mommy cook.  Ariana is eagerly awaiting a little brother or sister to join her!  Ari says she wants to share hugs and toys with her new baby sibling.  She loves to share and will most likely try to teach sign language to the baby.

Our Home in Tennessee

We live in a lovely suburb of a large metro area in West Tennessee.  It is our oasis away from all the hubbub.  Our 5-bedroom, 2-story house is in a neighborhood with a gated pool, clubhouse, and nature walking paths.  We frequently enjoy cooking in the kitchen or chasing bubbles in the backyard.  Our office includes our extensive library of books, as we all love to read.  Ariana has a beautiful pink bedroom (her current favorite color).  We also have a beautiful nursery ready for our latest little adventurer! We are minutes away from lots of exciting activities for kids, like a children’s museum, zoo, numerous parks, splash pads, and indoor playgrounds.

Our Promise To You

We promise to raise your baby in a loving, nurturing home full of joy and laughter.  We will give your baby unconditional love every day!

We promise:

  • To be there for your baby when they fall, with as many hugs and band-aids as needed
  • You will always hold a place of honor in our home
  • To allow your baby to follow their own dreams and passions and to support them in these endeavors
  • We will make mistakes, but we will never give up on being the best parents we can possibly be!

We would love to maintain an open adoption and share your child’s moments with you (to the level of openness you are comfortable with and desire). We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Curtis & Tamara

  Curtis Tamara
Our EducationGEDAssociates Degree of Nursing
Our ProfessionsReal Estate Broker, work from homeReal Estate Investments, work from home
Stay-At-Homepart timeyes
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Curtis & Tamara's Favorites
Quote"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.""Do one thing every day that scares you."
BookWhite Fanganything by Dan Brown
HolidayChristmasChristmas (all month long)
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We are passionate about real estate investing. Tamara is very design-oriented and Curtis brings the technical skills to update homes and provide beautiful, livable spaces to the next occupant. In our personal life, we both love to travel. A good road trip seeing something new around every bend in the road is too enticing to get on a plane and skip the journey! We also love to explore our local area. We are pretty much always up for a new adventure!

Our Faith

We believe Christianity is a lifestyle, not just a day in church. We do have an amazing local church we attend regulary with a super fun kid's program that Ariana enjoys! We love the ethnic diversity in our congregation and many of our closest friends are interacially married and have biracial children.

Our Musical Interest

We both love music. Tamara plays the piano and can be found blaring jazz in her personal time. Curt is very eclectic and we both love listening to many types of music. Ariana enjoys music and can be found dancing around to Coco-melon or Elmo most days.

We love to Celebrate

We have made it a family culture to celebrate! We love to fully immerse ourselves in bigger holidays such as Christmas (all month long) and also to recognize smaller ones like Memorial Day or Cinco De Mayo, even to just go eat tacos.
We find the fun things in life and may even make up a few because life is just too short. We love to celebrate accomplishments and milestones that we each reach. It is so fun to celebrate all these small wins with Ariana as she is growing so rapidly! We look forward to celebrating with our newest arrival when they join us!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 12 months




Either gender

Sibling Group

Yes, with oldest up to 3 years of age.

In Closing

We are eagerly looking for our newest little adventurer to join us! We would love to share an open adoption and are also willing to do semi-open or closed if you prefer. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. We are eagerly awaiting to hear from you!

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