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A Letter from Bryce & ShiAnne

Hello from warm Arizona. We are Bryce and ShiAnne and we’re excited to begin our journey as first-time parents through adoption.  We are thrilled to adopt a baby of any gender or race, and we are open to staying in touch with you through photos, letters, and visits.

We have been married for 8 years now. We spend as much time as possible outdoors, road tripping, camping, summiting mountains, mountain bike riding, and running. We are excited to share our love of life, our passion for adventure and desire for learning with your child.

About Us

Our time spent together is filled with conversation, laughter, and fun. We love exploring the great outdoors together. One of our favorite things to do is travel. We enjoy exploring our state, country, and the world around us.  

Most weekends are spent:

  • Exploring by bicycle riding, hiking, or trail running
  • Enjoying delicious coffee in the mornings
  • Making dinners together while listening to music in the evening.  

Our desire to start a family and share our love of exploring and experiencing all of God’s beautiful earth as a family has brought us to adoption. We are so excited to become parents and to provide our child with every opportunity to accomplish his or her goals and passions.

About Bryce (by ShiAnne)

Bryce is one of the kindest and most caring people I know and always makes life fun and interesting. He’s patient, calm, always ready for an adventure, and will be an amazing father! 

Bryce is a Mechanical Engineer and has worked from home for the last 7 years.  

His favorite thing to do is be in the mountains riding bicycles, running, and camping.

Our friends’ kids love Bryce. He will spend hours playing tag and hide and seek with them. He is always encouraging but adds a little adventure to playtime by giving the kids challenges that they love to do.  

As a father, Bryce will always be there for our child. I’m excited to see Bryce share all the things he enjoys doing with our child and I know that he is excited to take them on bike rides, play games with them, teach them how to ski, climb and explore, and share with them how to enjoy life to the fullest.

About ShiAnne (by Bryce)

ShiAnne has an adventurous spirit, a passion for the great outdoors, and truly embraces any challenge that comes her way. She will excel at motherhood just like she has every other challenge in life. She will instill a strong and successful character in our child with her extraordinary knowledge and compassionate teaching style. 

ShiAnne used to work at an astronomical telescope, but now has transitioned to become a registered dietitian nutritionist. She has degrees in physics, astronomy, science education, and nutrition.  

She enjoys running, hiking, climbing mountains, cooking and baking.

ShiAnne is loved by all of our friends’ children and our nieces. Every call from them starts with “where is ShiAnne?” During playdates, she challenges all children with fun, exciting and educational activities. ShiAnne is excited to take our child to their first amusement park, to teach them how to bake bread, and take them on mother-child trips to explore the world around them.

Our Arizonian Home and Community

  • We live in a two-story 4-bedroom house in a quiet residential neighborhood that is directly linked to several bike paths, schools, and parks.
  • We have a nice backyard that has a small area of grass (for a future play area), a little above-ground garden where we grow tomatoes, herbs, broccoli, and carrots, and an enclosed in-ground pool, which comes in handy during the hot summers. We look forward to teaching our child how to swim and hosting birthday parties in our spacious backyard.
  • We share our house with our orange tabby cat, Caramel Macchiato, who loves cuddles.
  • One of the bedrooms is already furnished and decorated as the nursery.

Our Family

Our extended family lives in Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado, all of which we visit several times a year. Everyone is very excited for us to adopt. The grandmas have already crocheted baby blankets and hats and both grandparents are talking about future trips to Disneyland and Space Camp. 

Our friends are our extended family also. We visit each other often, meeting up in Wyoming, New England, Washington, California, and Arizona and take vacations together. They are also excited for us to become parents. 

Our Promise

  • We promise to do everything in our power for your child.  To be there for him/her through all of life’s ups and downs and will love them no matter what.
  • We will instill in them hard work, perseverance, and determination while making sure that their life is as exciting and fun as possible.
  • We promise to teach them how to explore the world, ride a bike, cook and bake bread.
  • We will tell them their story and who they are so they can be proud of themselves, and we promise to always speak of you with love.
  • We will create a life of adventure and excitement so your child can grow into a remarkable person and to provide endless love, support, and opportunities.

We would love to get to know you and look forward to speaking with you! If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Bryce & ShiAnne

  Bryce ShiAnne
Our EducationBS Mechanical Engineering; MS Mechanical Engineering; Maintains Professional Engineering LicenseBS Physics and Astronomy; MS Astronomy; PhD Science Education; Working towards Nutrition and Dietetics degree
Our ProfessionsDesign EngineerDietetic Intern
Stay-At-HomeWorks from homePart-time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Bryce & ShiAnne's Favorites
ColorRed and YellowSprinkles
TreeJuniperAspen or Christmas
Space ObjectWhirlpool GalaxySupernovae (crab supernova)
PlaceThe OutdoorsIn the Mountains
FoodBurrito and CoffeeCoffee and Bread
BookNo Shortcuts to the TopPride and Prejudice and Harry Potter Series
More About Our Family
Fun Facts About Us

-We have been to all 7 continents
-Bryce can juggle and do yo-yo tricks
-ShiAnne develops her own recipes
-We have both ran several ultramarathons
-We’ve summited Kilimanjaro, Mt Whitney, the Grand Teton, Mt Rainier, and peaks in the Himalaya

As Parents We Are Excited For:

-Family trips to national parks, camping, hiking, and visiting other countries
-Teaching them how to ride a bike, ski, bake, and read
-Watching them play with their cousins and family friends
-Throwing fun birthday parties that they will always have as memories
-Watching them grow into their own, unique person
-Reading bedtime stories
-Getting asked a million questions every day
-Starting new family traditions

Our Traditions

Most of our traditions occur around the holidays!

-Decorating the house
-Dressing up in family-themed costumes
-Getting lost in corn mazes and picking out the perfect pumpkin at our local pumpkin patch
-Having pumpkin carving parties

-Decorating the house
-Having a traditional Thanksgiving feast with family and friends

Christmas is an all-out affair:
-Decorating the house inside and out
-Baking and decorating cookies and gingerbread houses
-Riding our bikes around to look at Christmas lights
-Going to the nutcracker ballet
-Having tea time before going to Midnight Mass
-Opening 1 present before bed on Christmas Eve
-Making a traditional or international Christmas dinner with friends and family
-Hanging up the hand stitched Christmas stockings that ShiAnne’s mom has made for the family members, including her future grandchild

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months





In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We promise to be there for your child through thick and thin and to accept them for who they are. We will encourage them, support them, and walk with them through life. We will create a life of adventure and excitement for your child, where they can learn and grow to their best self. We look forward to sharing our lives with your child and are open to keeping open communication with you through the years by sharing letters, pictures, and visits at your level of comfort.

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