Questions & Answers

Is your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend pregnant? Not sure you are wanting to be a father…or responsible for another person for 18+ years? You may find that you have lots of questions and seeking to find the answers. You have come to the right place.

Q: Is she really pregnant or is she just trying to pull a fast one on me?

A: Best way to determine this is to sit down and talk with her. The more information you can learn, the better you can determine the answer to this question. You have to be rational when you talk with her, ‘cause yelling is not going to get you the answers you need. So you want to find out when her last period was, not always the easiest question to ask, but hey this is your life we are talking about. Once you know this then you can use this pregnancy calculator, it tells when she probably conceived this baby…were you around at that time? Go to to use the pregnancy calculator.

Q: Am I the father, or is she just trapping me?

A:  Plain and simple, you have to know when you hooked up. It’s the only way to determine if you are the father. A woman ovulates once per month, usually in the middle of her cycle. But to get all the fact, talk with your doctor, they can tell you how it all works.

Q: My girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant…where can she go (or what can she do) to find out if she is for sure?

A: The best and most accurate way to determine pregnancy is to see a medical doctor. No one can tell her if she is pregnant over the internet or by phone. If you need to find a clinic nearby, please call the hotline 1-800-923-6602 to get more information.

Q: Is there a way to find out if I’m the father of this baby, while she’s still pregnant?

A: A paternity test is the conclusive way to determine if you are in fact the father. During pregnancy paternity test must be preformed by a medical doctor and can be invasive for mom and expensive for you. Each state has different fees associated with paternity testing, ask the doctor for more information about the cost.

Q: Ok, she’s pregnant, now what?

A: Most people think of two options when facing an unplanned pregnancy. But there is a third option and for you it might be the best one out there. Click on each link below for the break down:

Click to find out more about parenting your baby

Click to find out about the choice of abortion

Click to find out about making an open adoption plan for your baby


Q: Babies really aren’t that hard, are they?

A: Having a baby is a full time job. Babies get up early and often, they need to be fed, even when you are tired. They need to be changed and fully cared for. Do you do your own laundry now?…well you will have to wash your baby’s clothes. Babies require diapers, wipes, clothes, just to name a few. Plus they need time and attention.

Now you might be thinking “no problem, someone in my family will take care of all of that, along with my baby.” But are you really prepared for your child to grow up like you? Do you want your family to be raising this baby? Do you want your child to struggle, to go without? Have you considered how much it costs to raise a child to 18? Visit this site to find out.

Q: Can I still hang out with my friends with a baby?

A: Between the job and if you are trying to go to school, along with caring for baby, there really is not much time to hang out with friends. Most birth parents share that the thing they regret the most is giving up their teenage years, growing up too fast. So no, there is not time to hang with friends, time will be spent trying to get by with a baby.